Different types of Coffee beans
27 Oct

Ultimate Guide To Choose Suitable Fresh Coffee Beans

Are you also the one who loves to smell the magical aroma of raw coffee beans every morning? If yes, then you are not the one who just randomly walks down the aisle and grabs any usual bag of coffee beans. Rather, you are a coffee connoisseur who is familiar with the art of picking out the freshest coffee beans. But don’t you worry, if you aren’t. We will help you all-in-all to choose the best coffee beans as per your taste and preferences.

As we know, not everyone can like the same coffee flavor, some may like darkly roasted, and some may light roasted coffee beans. We are here to explain to you the different coffee types to ignite your day

You must be amazed to see why being the most popular beverage coffee comes in wide varieties. We will briefly tell you about coffee’s aroma, texture, the extent of acidity, nutritional benefits, and caffeine level. 

Ideally, the coffee beans are green berries that need to be roasted and brewed before getting served in your cup. Three types of coffee roasts decide the level of acidity and caffeine in your coffee.

Light Roasted Coffee Beans

Light roasted is higher in caffeine and acidity level, and it is light brown in appearance. Lightly roasted coffee beans are used in making pour-over and drip brews because these brewing processes bring out more flavors in the beans. However, your personal preference might differ by we love to encourage you to prepare your coffee as you see fit.

You are relishing lightly roasted coffee if tastes nutty, fruity, and toasty.

Medium Roasted Coffee Beans

As by the name, medium roast coffee beans are medium brown (slightly darker than light roast coffee beans). Also, it is strong in taste and less acidic than the former one. The medium and dark medium roasts have less caffeine and are rich in antioxidants. Medium roasted coffee in Mississauga makes a balanced and bittersweet cold brew, so it can be used as great cold coffee. It can also be brewed (hot) double strength and poured over ice to retain balanced acidity and fruity notes. 

You are enjoying a medium or medium-dark roast coffee if it imparts caramel or cocoa flavor. 

Dark Roasted Coffee Beans

Dark Roasted Coffee Beans—the bitter of all. But, the darker your beans are roasted, the lower their acidic level will be. This coffee is perfect for people having an immense attraction towards coffee, but they resist due to acidity reflux. No worries, this roast is just made for you. 

You must be drinking dark roasted coffee if it tastes bittersweet, burnt, or smokey.

Although, your buying experience will reflect your choices, make you realize what’s your best fit. We let you know about the type of roasts along with their caffeine and acidity level. From thereon, you can easily figure out your favorite coffee type. You can also visit our online coffee menu and make a buy as per your preferences. Do try our perfectly roasted coffee beans imported directly from Africa(renowned coffee exporter).

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