10 Jan

The Best Homemade Decaf Cold Brew Recipe

I have heard this decaf cold brew is getting all over the place. It has become a super popular drink, especially among youngsters for several reasons.  First of all, it involves a simple & inexpensive process in which coffee grounds at kept for steeping at room temperature. Moreover, decaf coffee brew is generally crafted at home. It requires coarse & low-acidic coffee beans that can be bought from the best coffee brand in Mississauga.

What is cold brew coffee? Why has it gained so much limelight all of a sudden?

Cold Brew has become quite popular recently and so many people are talking about it.  If you are the one who’s also wondering why it has gained so much attention, this blog has answers to your questions. 

What is cold brew?

Cold Brew is a coffee crafted in many different ways but generally, it involves brewing ground coffee beans in room temperature water for more than 20 hours. It is the coffee concentrate that you get after the brewing process is accomplished. Most coffee shops or cafes use the easiest and fastest method called espresso from which other variants such as cappuccino, latte are made.

Cold Brew is a tastier dessert-like beverage because of its smooth and creamy texture. It has become a new favourite for all coffee drinkers as it has a pretty sustainable amount of caffeine. People like it because it is less acidic and has a sweet and silky taste. Cold Brew Coffee is now available at all coffee shops, cafes, grocery stores, and even fast food outlets. But they all are caffeinated, you have to self-brew it at home if you prefer it decaffeinated. Barista, Costa, Starbucks yet don’t have the option of decaf cold brew coffee. 

Let me clear it out that cold brew coffee is different from iced coffee. Iced coffee is brewed strongly and ice is poured over it whereas cold brew coffee doesn’t have an inch of hot water.

Steps to make decaf cold brew coffee at home.


50g decaf whole bean coffee.

350g of room temperature water.


French Press

Paper Filter

Coffee Grinder

A Spoon

The first step is to grind the coarse coffee beans using a French Press and then combine the ground coffee and water with your brewing vessel. Give it a gradual stir to ensure there aren’t any lumps. The next step is to wait for 15 hours at least and let the cold brew steep at room temperature. 

Now, use the plunger to strain the coffee and use filter paper to ensure no sediments are left. Now you can store this cold brew in the fridge for as many days as you want. However, to cherish its delicacy and true taste, it is advised to consume it within 2 weeks. 

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