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Pedlars Café Roasters prepare Canada’s freshest and smoothest coffee that we deliver right to your doorsteps. We provide you with supreme specialty-grade coffee at an amazing price. Our coffee is 100% naturally roasted without any artificial flavours and preservatives. We source and roast our coffee with the highest coffee standards to provide Canadians with the best coffee beans in Mississauga. Every order we get, we prepare with lots of love, care, and passion. We ensure 100% satisfaction with our amazing coffee collection. Our coffee is ideal as a morning starter or an afternoon break. At Peddlers Café, our mission is to prepare freshly roasted coffee that can keep you going for the day. We only prepare Strong, Rich & Smooth Coffee in micro batches to maintain flavours and freshness that amuse you. Some of our premium coffees are; C-Buzz, Wicker, Bull Rider, The Flame, and Black Magic. Try the sampler bundle and experience the richness of real coffee beans!

Best coffee brand in Mississauga

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Black coffee


Premium South American & African Specialty

Full of Caffeine (360g).



Premium South American, African, & South Asian Coffee

Blended to Ignite Your Day (360g)

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Supreme Dark Roast House Blend to Amuse you

Premium South American Coffee (360g)


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Coffee is more than just a business for us! It is a passion for providing all Canadians with Superior, Rich, Bold coffee.

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Best coffee brand in Mississauga

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Pedlars Café Roasters only select ethically sourced supreme quality coffee from around the world to find the best flavours to blend for you. Once we receive the coffee, we carefully hand select and roast them fresh to order in micro batches. When it is cooled, we precisely blend the coffee and then pack and label it for you. We roast all of our coffee in-house, to ensure superior quality, freshness in beans, and richness in flavours. Our coffee is always smooth and freshest in Canada.

Let Yourself Find a Freeway – Pedlars Café Roasters Club

In today's world, everyone is busy with managing their lives. We all look for a living our lives freely and everybody needs a way to it. We invite you to express yourself. Doesn’t matter where you are, at work, home, with friends, or families, you are one to set limits for yourself. Find your freeway and enjoy it with a cup of Joe from Pedlars Café Roasters Club. Stop conforming and start doing things you love. We welcome you to our café and let’s celebrate this life and let's truly live.

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