Welcome to Pedlars Café Roasters Club

Our mission is for a delightful cup of Joe for everyone!

We are a family based micro-roaster who wants to deliver a delightful cup of Joe with flavours from around the world to yours. Hand selected specialty premium coffee beans ROASTED FRESH TO ORDER in micro batches and blend them to deliver rich flavours constantly to meet your likeness, and for your amusement. Our process uses 100% sustainable energy and coffee beans are ethically sourced as a commitment to the future generation.

As in our product names, we are trying to deliver perfect flavours to suit your needs as enjoy by you. We are exploring varieties of beans from around the world and exploring the flavours to introduce to you as you like them. Leave us a comment or two with your likeness and we will try to blend them for you.

1 kg pack of pedlars black magic

We also like to educate you about our roasting process and anything we learn from exploring the huge world of coffee. It is important to us that you know what you are buying from us. It is not just a pack of coffee beans… it is a pack of passion and flavours. Pedlars Café Roasters Club is proudly owned and operated in the village of Streetsville, Mississauga Ontario in Canada.

Enjoy your cup of Joe from Peddlers Café Roasters Club!

Leave us a message or comment on our website or contact us at contact@pedlarscafe.com.

Our Products

Our Products