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Do you like a brew rich in flavour and bold in body? Yes? Then our new batch of Colombian Supremo SC 17/18 is for you! These beans are sourced from the central northwest of Colombia in the Antioquia region, the country’s largest coffee producing region. Coffee here is mountain-grown by small farmers and large estates. The high altitude slows the pace of ripening and the result is a classic Colombian – rich, full bodied, and a toasted chocolate taste that cools to a cold brew perfection.


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Grown in the Andes mountains, Supremos are the largest and highest quality Colombian coffee beans and are quite possibly the most popular beans in the world. This classic coffee is distinguished by its full body, rich flavour, and medium-high acidity. Perfect for drinking any time of day.

The Swiss Water Process is a 100% chemical-free coffee decaffeination process. The result is a great-tasting decaf. This combination produced a silky body and a sweet taste with light acidity. Pleasant indeed with a smoky finish.

Origin: Colombia. Grade; Sc. 17/18 Supremo

Solvent: USDA Approved H2O

Processor: Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee

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  1. admin

    Have you ever wondered what coffee grown in the Colombian Andes mountains with volcanic ash would taste like? Well, then look no further. The premium Colombian Coffee Supremo from Volcanica coffee will answer your question.

    A hints of orange blossom tea impacts the aroma in the aftertaste, and there is even a dusting of chocolate bittering too that’s subtle but present. There’s a lot to unpack in this coffee. Sip slowly as it cools and enjoy the array of juicy fruit flavors that unfold! Perfect for drinking any time of the day.

    Cupping Score: 91.8 (almost perfect score)

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