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07 Sep

Types of roasted coffee beans to ignite your day

Coffee bean roast levels have become much of a thing now. True coffee addicts are always aware of their roast level. And, if you aren’t yet, no worries, it’s just not you. Many get confused with roast levels. We are here to simplify your types and level of coffee bean roast. 

Knowing your roast level is important to adjust your morning cup of joe without feeling weighty. 

The level of coffee roast signifies the amount of caffeine in it.  Also, the caffeine level or roast level can be assumed by its color. Let us now help you with the different types of coffee roasts to help you make your perfect choice. There are generally four types of coffee roasts- each one is slightly different in appearance and possesses unique taste notes.  

The degree to which coffee is roasted decides the taste in your cup. Raw or unprocessed coffee beans are soft, unscented, and green in color. It is the roasting process that makes us relish aromatic, toasty, and crunchy beans.

Light Roast Coffee Beans

They are light brown and are well toasted, light in weight, and have high acidic notes. In the light roast process, a little time is required to bring beans to perfect light flavor. The temperature is generally kept between 180°C and 205°C. At its extreme temperature, i.e.,  at 205°C, coffee beans create their first crack. It means the moisture in beans evaporates, and due to an increase in pressure, beans begin to pop out. After the first crack(term famous used in the coffee industry), the roasting process is put off the right of the bat. 

We have a highly-skilled roasting team in-house to pull out the best coffee beans in Mississauga.  Also, our in-house product C-Buzz is a must try to relish an exquisite flavor. 

Medium Roast Coffee Beans

They are somewhat browny in texture and seem round in shape. Also, medium roast coffee beans have low acid notes and give a sweet flavor to energize you for the whole new day. The brown color in the medium roast is caused due to natural caramelization of the coffee beans. The medium coffee beans are usually roasted between 210°C and 224°C. However, this temperature may vary from one region to another, as per people’s preferences. 

Medium roast coffees are smaller than lightly roasted coffee beans due to their longer roasting time. Prolong heat makes the bean lose its moisture by 13 percent more than the lightly roasted process. This extra roasting makes coffee sweet and low acidic in flavor. 

Medium-Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Its color is just like its namemedium-dark. Beans are heavily roasted, and they perfectly add bittersweet undernotes to amuse your senses. In medium-dark roast coffee beans, the internal temperature is kept between 225°C and 234°C. These coffee beans are dark brown and require a second crack to attain the perfect flavor. Always remember, the more you roast a bean, the less it will become acidic. Talking about its taste, it leaves you with the nutty & bittersweet aftertaste caused by caramelization. We offer ‘The Flame’ coffee beans that are medium roasted to give mellow acidic and deep caramel sweetness with a nutty undertone. This intensely aromatic flavor is going to be your favorite.

Dark Roast Coffee Beans

These beans are flawlessly black with an ounce of shine on them. Also, the dark coffee beans are heavily coated with oil as they successfully pass the second crack, and the beans are almost burnt and charred. You are only left with the bitter and smokey flavor to adore. Choose the best-roasted coffee beans as it is roasted to this extent to make raw and green beans drinkable. The roasting process pulls out the aroma locked in the unprocessed coffee beans. Do try our ‘Black Magic’ and ‘Bull Rider’ coffee flavors to relish crema-rich dark roast and espresso.  

‘Wicker’ is another dark roasted and the most sold-out product due to its toasty, nutty, and bittersweet chocolate after tastes. Call to buy the finest black coffee in Mississauga.

Quick Wrapup:

The lightly roasted coffee beans are always acidic and the acid level keeps on decreasing with the increasing roast level in coffee beans.

Also, lightly roasted beans are dry, and on the other hand, the dark roasted coffee beans develop a layer of oil around the surface.

Moreover, lightly roasted coffee has the optimal caffeine level whereas dark roasted has the bare minimum of it.

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